SKAPA Mining & Trading GmbH was established in 2005 by Mr. Anton SKAlnik and Mr. Mark PAtzelt as successor to MAP Direct Trading GmbH, used as a trading vehicle by both partners since 1996.

With backgrounds of process and mechanical engineering the course was set early on to trade in metals and the initial markets could be described as the former "K&K" or "imperial & royal" lands of former Austria, including Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Ukraine.

Starting mainly with primary and secondary Zinc the business moved quickly on to other metals and in 2005 SKAPA was handling big volumes of Zinc, Aluminium, Ferro Alloys and all kinds of scrap, buying and selling accross Europe and overseas, moving up to 20.000t per annum.

2005 was also the year the brought SKAPA in contact with the African continent. Signing and exclusive marketing contract for one of the worlds richest Niobium deposits in DRC SKAPA set sails for Eastern Congo and set up operations in Goma, North Kivu. In these years the security situation would not allow any Niobium mining and SKAPA started looking for other sources of material and signed contracts with Wolfram consumers in Europe and China.

In 2006 SKAPA opened trading & processing facilities in Goma and started to export Wolframite and Cassiterite (Tin concentrate) from the region. Volumes of serveral hundred tonnes were traded over a period of 4 years.

End 2009 SKAPA decided to pull out of DRC, reasons being difficult business environment and growing pressure in respect to conflict minerals from the region though SKAPA has never been involved in trading the notorious "red cassiterite" from Walikale region.

2010 brought SKAPA to Zambia where, in cooperation with a local partner company MAGETO Minerals Ltd, trading with Cobalt and Copper concentrates was done. Again several hundred tonnes where exported to China and Northern Africa.

In 2011 SKAPA has strated its recycling operations in Austria processing Zinc and UBC - Used Aluminium Beverage Cans.

2011 - SKAPA is signing exclusive marketing contracts for 2 Cassiterite mining operations in Uganda & Zambia.