Processing minerals has become a central part of SKAPA's operations in Africa. With a focus on the 3 T's (Tin-Tungsten-Tantalite) SKAPA has also treated Gold up to smelting.

For many years SKAPA has been able to gather experience in treating Tin, Wolfram and Tantalite and has processed many hundred tonnes with excellent results.

In close cooperation with Univ. Prof. Dr.mont Helmut Flachberger and Dr. Steiner at the department of mineral processing at the University of Leoben SKAPA has been able to set up a very sophisticated approach to produce high grade concentrates. 

Besides the classic processing techniques used in this field SKAPA is always ready to look at new technologies to improve the results.

Over the years we have become a peer in a network of processing experts all over the globe - Australia, US, Canada, Europe and Africa and are constantly interacting with this network in order to improve our capabilities.