Metals & Minerals

Based in Vienna, Austria, SKAPA physically markets metals and minerals world wide with a focus on Europe and Africa.

In the metals business since 1996 SKAPA has developed from a pure trader of primary and secondary base metals to a provider of resources, adding value to an important supply chain for several industries. 

Trading mainly Zinc & Aluminium in Europe SKAPA has specialised in mining & processing of Tin, Wolfram and Tantalite in Africa, especially the DRC, Uganda & Zambia.

With new production facilities to the south of Vienna and upcoming mining & marketing projects for Tin and Tantalite in Uganda & Zambia SKAPA is ready for the challange of an ever changing market.

Umweltleitlinie Skapa Rev 1
UMWELT Zertifikat 333-2011 Deutsch
UMWELT Zertifikat 333-2011 Englisch

ISO Zertifikat 9001-2015 Deutsch
ISO Zertifikat 9001-2015 Englisch